ZibRX is packed with lots of features for different user roles (Doctors, Receptionists, Pharmacists, and Hospital Administrators). Below are some of the key features of ZibRX

Patient Management

Go paperless with our patient management module, saving all the patient records in the secure manner. You can record patient history such as allergies, previous health records, diagnostic reports and much more. You can also track the current medications of the patient. Using in-built filters, you can filter patients by age, gender, medical history and medications.

Practice Management

Cloud-based secure practice management system that can simplify and combine all the day-to-day clinical workflows with features such as the centralized tracking of patients, appointments, doctors, financial analysis, electronic medical records, e-prescription, e-billing and transactions by advancing the interaction between the hospital, doctors, patients and pharmacists all collectively centralized with provided assistance.

Appointment Booking

With easy to use calendar based appointment tracking, you can book appointments within seconds. Both doctors as well as receptionists can book, reschedule and cancel an appointment. The system efficiently highlights the available slots for each doctor, so that appointments can be booked efficiently, ensuring higher productivity for doctors.


Our revolutionary prescription design helps the patient experience by providing all the necessary information to the patients for medication intake. The enriched prescription design helps patients understand prescriptions better, which ensures patients take the medicines on time. Moreover, the E-Prescription module reduces the effort it takes for doctors to write prescriptions.

Doctor Management

We understand that Clinics can have multiple doctors, with different work timings, consultation costs and specialities. Our doctor management module helps hospital administrators define doctor consultation times, consultation costs, map doctors by departments and track performance reports of each doctor. Doctors can also manage their profiles and track their own performance reports.

Reports Module

The Pre-built Report management module allows securely manage, access, view, share, download and print all medical lab report files anywhere, anytime just in a few clicks saving much time.

Doctor  Module

Appointment Tracking

No need to worry about keeping track of appointments as we have provided a mature appointment tracker module that views all the current, previous and upcoming appointments systematically on the dashboard.


Keep yourself updated with our smooth consultation dashboard module that views every aspect related to consultation and reminds you of upcoming appointments every day.


Reduce the time and difficulty of writing error-free prescriptions with our e-prescription module just by typing a few initial words in the search bar by selecting their dosage and also easily upload medical reports.

Patient Records

Our safe and secure patient record system is proven to manage all the previous and current patient records including their medical history, treatments, active medications, prescriptions easily available to the doctor.

Consultation Reports

Quickly access every consultation report of any doctor which helps in understanding health status just by searching through the patient's name or by filtering according to the date of consultation.

Pharmacy Reports

Recheck and track every prescription or medication given and purchased through our pharmacy report module that ensures the trust of safety towards patients.

Receptionist  Module

Receptionist module deals with the day to day operations of the receptionist. These include scheduling of appointments, registering new patients, updating patient information, following up on patients, managing walk-in appointments, managing the patient queue and many more.

Daily Work Scheduler

Manage all the tedious tasks of a Receptionist at a quick rate by using our scheduler module that helps in book appointments, check the progress and display status of confirmed, waiting, completed, cancelled appointments.

Appointment Booking

Easily book appointments of patients just by searching their names in the list and using the calendar module which displays the time slots available for appointments. Also, view previous and current appointments.

Expense Management

Clear and precise exposure of your daily expenses, bills and transactions from various payment modes that can be easily viewed and analysed at a single dashboard section.

Pharmacy   Module

The Pharmacy module reduces the difficulty of maintaining daily tasks of pharmacists by providing the functionality of e-billing, revenue system, digital transactions and Active Inventory management.

Product Catalogue Management

Pharmacy product catalogue management system where you can search, add, view, edit your products easily and also import or download your pharmacy catalogue list in the form of excel sheet.

Inventory Management

Our In-built Inventory management module lets you easily add and manage drug inventory according to the manufacturer label, and also reminds pharmacists before they go out of stock.

Medicine Expiry Tracking

Safely track and view every medicine’s manufactured and expiry date with a unique id system, which is packed within the inventory management module.

Pharmacy Billing

Pharmacy billing exclusively made easy with the facility of cash and online payment mode that generates invoices and receipts, also keep track of your total cash in the counter and online.

Pharmacist Module

Using our pharmacist module you can view information, expenses, earnings, total orders and status of other pharmacists available.

Pharmacy Reports

Track all the medical expenses on the dashboard by digitally generating Invoices and receipts per visit with the facility of various payment modes and printing Invoices.

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