What is ZibRX?

ZibRX is a Clinic Management software with a revolutionary Prescription Design.

Using ZibRX, one can easily manage your appointments, patient records, prescriptions, performance reports, dispensing pharmacy, billing and many more using the revolutionary ZibRX software. We support user roles such as Doctors, Clinic Administrators, Receptionists and pharmacists.


Booking of appointments, handling patient queues, billing and operations of the clinic.

Hospital Administrators

Manage doctor reports, consultation reports, pharmacy reports, track billing and revenue reports.


Handing patient consultations, accessing patient records, prescriptions, and consultation reports.


Dispensing medicines based on prescriptions, managing product catalog, inventory and billing.

Trusted by the Doctors across the Globe.

Our software is extensively used by doctors across multiple geographies.

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How ZibRX increases the business outreach of Clinics?

While ZibRX is loaded with features for the day-to-day management of clinics, but it is actually designed to increase your business outreach:

  • ZibRX introduces the revolutionary patient-friendly prescription design. Once a patient receives such a detailed prescription, he/she is never changing a doctor!
  • ZibRX provides day-to-day updates on patient follow-up, thereby increasing your repeat customer base.
  • ZibRX uses Artificial intelligence to help doctors and receptionists schedule the appointments in the most optimized manner, accommodating more patients than before.
  • ZibRX transfers the prescriptions from the doctor, straight to your clinic’s pharmacy, thereby increasing your pharmacy business.

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